Ways to Spend Christmas Eve

With Christmas Eve officially a day away, here at View Publishing we’ve put together a list of festive ways that you and your family can spend the day! 

1: Make a gingerbread house. See our recipe here

2: Re-decorate the Christmas Tree. Most Christmas trees fall into the hands of little children and can begin to look a bit messy as the days go by. Freshen up your Christmas tree the day before the big day and get your children to help! 

3: Dance and sing to Christmas songs. A karaoke evening is always a hit. 

4: Create your own Christmas story. Let your children’s imaginations run wild and get them to write a Christmas Story together. You can even do a chapter every year until you create a full story, a unique family tradition! 

5: Bake until your hearts content. Christmas cookies, cupcakes, Marshmallow snowmen. Get creative! 

6: Christmas movie day. Who doesn’t love spending the day watching Christmas classics! The Grinch, Elf and The Christmas Chronicles are my go-to every year.

7: Go for a festive walk outside! Look at the Christmas lights around your area and visit local businesses that have festive window displays.