Ways to Help Others This Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. A time for lights, food, presents, precious time with friends and family and it can be easy to get swept up in our own Christmas-sy worlds. So, particularly after the last couple years we had, lets have a think about what we can do to help others this Christmas.

Christmas Food Banks

We have food banks all year round, but can we even more important during Christmas and some food banks even accept things like small presents, advent calendars or selection boxes. So when you’re doing your big Christmas food shop, maybe pick up a couple extra little bits to donate. We always buy so much over Christmas, more than we need, so give the gift of giving someone else a perfect Christmas.

Christmas Cards to a Stranger

We all love receiving our Christmas cards throughout December from all our friends and family. But so many people are lonely this Christmas, especially older people who don’t have any family to visit them. Or even people who have to isolate during the holidays.

So this Christmas, send a lovely, heart-warming Christmas card to a stranger to help them feel less lonely this Christmas.

Random Acts of Kindness

Yes, Christmas is wonderful. And for a lot of people, it’s their favourite time of year. But we can all agree that the build up to Christmas can be…stressful. The busy shops, the heavy traffic, the hectic high streets and it can be hard not to get angry at those around us. But during this time of year it’s important to remember that we are not the only ones feeling stressed. Try to smile at a stranger, be kind to service staff in shops and restaurants, don’t beep your horn at drivers.

Be kind to those around you and remember what’s important.

Give a Meaningful Gift

Giving presents is a big part of Christmas and a lot of the time we buy presents that they might not need or want, just so their pile looks a little bigger. So this year, give them something a little different to help someone else. Perhaps a donation to a charity in their name, or buy a plot of land that needs funding or adopt an endangered animal.


I know it’s difficult to find spare time this Christmas, but even an hour out of your day can make a big difference. There are so many places you can volunteer at, such as; food banks, homeless shelters or care homes. Do a little research to see which organisation needs your help in your area.