Top Tips: Working From Home

Working from home can be more convenient for some, whilst for others it can bring a great deal of anxiety and stress. Here at View Publishing, we’ve put together a few of our top tips to make working from home that little bit less daunting. 

Separate Work From Home:  

This is probably the most important tip to follow. Separating your work space from your living space is imperative in ensuring you keep a healthy mind. Working from places like your bedroom, which is your relaxation space, are a no-go. Choose a room that you don’t usually relax or spend much time in. 

Stick To Routine: 

It’s important not to let the lines between personal time and work become blurred. Set a strict routine and make sure you’re consistent with it. 

Take Regular Breaks: 

Taking 5 minutes every so often is a great way to recharge and recalibrate. This will give your mind a chance to relax and refocus, whilst giving you some time to grab a snack.

Set The Scene: 

Working from home doesn’t have to be much different than from your work place. If you have the space, set up a desk with all of your usual accessorise. This will help your mind recognise that you’re in work-made and keep you focused on the task ahead.