Local Flower Power

John Henry Flowers, based in Pen-Y-Lan Road, Roath, has quickly become a prominent feature in the community. After opening in early July, this little local flower stall at St. Andrew’s Church strives to provide only the best for their customers, creating bouquets, ready-made bunches, dried flowers, house plants and bespoke floral designs. And it isn’t just local customers who are in demand for his work. John has made flowers for royalty and has been featured in national wedding magazines.

John founds his love for flowers in his early childhood, specialising in wedding flowers and personalised funeral tributes. So there’s no surprise he’s been in such high demand from very important clients. He said: “My father was professional gardener and I used to go and help him with the school holidays. That’s where my love of flowers and plants starts. I was always artistic at school, so floristry is just creating art with flowers. I trained at Lackham College of Agriculture near Chippenham, back in 1989 and the rest, as they say, is history.”

We wondered what inspired some of John’s stunning creations, how he continued to come up with fresh and inspiring arrangements. If you take a look at any of John’s work, you’ll see how it shifts seamlessly between the seasons.

“The seasons are always my inspiration. Using natural materials that evoke the time of year always gets my creative juices going.”

Floristry is not without its challenges, but John continues to find ways to overcome them and to find the good in those obstacles.

“Some of my biggest challenges are some of the bespoke funeral tributes I’ve had to create. I’ve had to make dogs, cars, planes and even a double decker London bus. Challenging but very satisfying once it’s completed and the customer is happy.” Which to John, is one of the most important elements of the job.

Having previously has his own in Bristol for 16 years, John, alongside his husband Myky, started their business at St Andrews Church in early July, a great edition to Roath after lockdown, which although was tough for John, he was grateful he could take advance of where he lived.

“Our stunning Welsh coast was definitely the thing that kept me going during lockdown. When we were allowed to go further I walked with my husband, sometimes notching up to 20 miles a day. Sun, sea and a picnic is all you need.”

And now, after the success of his stall, John is now about to move into a permanent shop on Wellfield Court.

“This is the next step in our business plan so we can expand and provide the full floristry service. And it’s literally a few hundred yards from where we are now.”

He then added: “I feel very privileged that I can be creative in my daily work and I’m constantly inspired by the sheer range of plants and flowers in stock.”

We are excited to see what more John Henry Flowers has planned and we wish him luck in the opening of his new store.