Keeping it Festive at Work

Yes, being at work might not be the most festive part of Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the Christmas spirit alive at the office. We’ve collected a list of a few fun festive things you can do at work during this Christmas season, without interfering with productivity.

Secret Santa

This works especially well in companies with a larger group of employees. everyone puts their name in a hat and then you pull out someone to buy a present for. Make sure to set a price limit so people don’t go too overboard. Carve out some time before Christmas to exchange presents and open them. You can even play a game, where people have to guess who their Secret Santa was.

Christmas Jumper Day

The 10th December is the official Christmas Jumper Day, which this year falls on a Friday. Encourage everyone to wear a Christmas jumper to work, maybe even have a competition for the best jumper. This gives the office a more relaxed, festive feeling without interfering with the working day.

Decorating The Office

A fun time for a lot of companies is decorating the office. You don’t have to go all out but an office with no decorations can really put a damper on the festive season. Simply having a Christmas tree in the corner can really keep the festive spirit alive. You could even decorate your desk with little fairy lights, mini-Christmas trees or some fun festive ornaments.

Office Christmas Party

The classic Christmas office party! This is a fun time for the employees to relax and enjoy themselves after a long year! You could go for a meal, or have a party at the office itself with fun games, music and drinks or you could do a fun Christmas activity outside the office.

And if you don’t know what to wear, have a read of our ‘Office Christmas Party Wear’ feature here.

Christmas Quizzes

This is another fun, simple activity you can do in the office. It could even be apart of your office Christmas party or you could do it on a Friday afternoon as a fun, end-of-week game.

If you’re feeling competitive, you can make it a competition with prizes. Or if you’re office has multiple departments, you can divide into teams or mix everyone up. There are several variety of Christmas quizzes online or you can make your own one with different categories such as; Christmas history, movie, music, food etc.

For Christmas Quiz questions, you can look at our ‘Christmas Trivia’ page here.

Lunch Time Treats

Another fun thing you can do this Christmas is set out a little Christmas buffet during lunch or at the end of the day. With mince pies, cookies, cheese board, gingerbread men etc. You could even make some non-alcoholic mulled wine or alcohol-free eggnog (if you’re doing it during the work day). This is just a great informal way of keeping it festive.

You could do it as a pot-luck, where everyone brings in their own little treats to share with everyone. Although if you’re doing this, make sure everyone is aware of any allergies or other food requirements.

Christmas Music

This might not be to everyone tastes, but having some Christmas music on in the background is a simple way of keeping it festive. Although perhaps not all day. You can find Christmas playlists on Spotify or on Youtube, and their are even some Christmas radio stations on during December.