A – Z Christmas Activities For Children

Christmas can finally be a bit more normal this year, so here are some fun Christmas activities for you to do with your children! 

A- Advent Calendars. You can make your own advent calendars! If you want to find out how, view our step-by-step guide here. 

B- Baking. Bake until your heart is content! 

C- Cracker Making. Make your own Christmas dinner crackers and add a little treat inside such a chocolate or mints. 

D- Decorating. Put up your Christmas decorations! Children love to take part and it’s a great way to make fun memories. 

E- Evergreen. Take a winter walk through an evergreen forest.

F- Fruitcake. Bake a fruit cake!  A classic Christmas tree.

G- Gingerbread House Making. Buy a ready-to-go kit of bake from scratch, your children will have hours of fun coming up with their festive creations.

H- Hot Chocolate Competition. Do you have a competitive household? Who can make the best decorative hot chocolate! 

I- Ice skating. Take a trip to Winter-Wonderland and go ice-skating!

J- Jumper. Make your own Christmas jumper and take some fun pictures! You can even get your child to design your Christmas party jumper!

K- Knit. Knit your own stockings or winter warmers this Christmas. 

L- Lights. Take a walk around your neighbourhood and view the Christmas lights! 

M- Mince pies. Make your own mince pies. 

N- Nativity. Various theatres have re-opened their doors after what feels like an eternity, so why not treat yourself to a night of Christmas magic whilst watching a Nativity?

O- Ornaments. Make your own ornaments and attach them to your tree! A fun family tradition that your children can pass onto theirs. 

P- Parade. If there is a Christmas parade in your area, take the family! 

Q- Quiz. Come up with your own Christmas quiz for a fun family game night! 

R- Reindeer. Find out your nearest reindeer sanctuary and take a trip to visit Rudolph. 

S- Singing. Who doesn’t love dancing around the living room to Christmas songs? 

T- Tree. Go and visit a Christmas tree farm.

U- Unique Gifts. You can make hand-made gifts to keep things unique this Christmas. Look ba k at our Make Your Own Gifts article here.

V-  Visit Father Christmas. You may not be able to sit on Santa’s lap this year, but your children can enjoy some time with Santa and hand him their Christmas letters. 

W- Wreath. Create your own wreath! The Lily Pad florist is holding a Wreath Making class this Christmas that you can attend. Find out more here. 

X- X-mas movies. Create your own home cinema and binge-watch Christmas movies. 

Y- Yule log. Bake and decorate your own Yule-log. 

Z- Zoom. For the family you can’t see this Christmas, have a little party over zoom and celebrate the festivities together.